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Preserve your baby's stem cells at birth and protect your entire family from the impact of 80+ medical conditions

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Cord Blood Banking Overview

Your baby's umbilical cord blood collected at the time of birth is a rich source of precious stem cells. Preserving this cord blood with LifeCell Community Bank allows you to protect not just your baby but your entire family from 80+ disorders at the cost just 1 enrolment. Choose good health that lasts you a lifetime, choose LifeCell.

What is Stem Cell Banking?

Stem cell banking or Umbilical cord blood banking is the process of storing precious umbilical cord blood obtained at the time of delivery for potential use in the future. Stem cell banking offers a healthy future for not just your baby but the entire family.

What is Stem Cell Banking?
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Why Preserve Stem Cells?

Stem cells are tiny cells with great potential & have the ability to save lives. Stem cells are the master cells that act as basic building blocks of the human body. These cells have the unique ability to transform into specialized cells like blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells and so on.

Why Preserve Stem Cells?
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Protects the health of the baby & the entire family (total of 8 members)

Treatment of 80+ disorders including metabolic, genetic & immune disorders.

> 97% Chance of Finding A Stem Cells ensuring better post-transplant outcomes

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure a healthy future for the entire family

How Does
Community Stem Cell Banking work?

Enrol & Receive a Collection Kit

Before childbirth, Sign up for Stem Cell banking and receive a collection kit. Follow the instructions provided until the big day.

Big Day! - Heading for Delivery

Ensure to carry the cord Blood collection kit to the Hospital. Book a Paramedic, who will ensure the collection, shipment to Lab.

Sit Back & Relax

PrepaCyte-CB® processing ensures maximum recovery of StemCells, are safely preserved. Visit website to track the storage, view reports

We’ve Got You Covered!

Congratulations! Now you are part of the largest Indian cord blood inventory with a 97% match for the entire family.

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30 Years Storage | 2G Community Banking

Gift Your Child a Good Healthy Future | Covers Child, Siblings, Parents

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* Inclusive of UAE VAT

30 Years Storage | 3G Community Banking

A Good Time to Preserve Your Child’s Stem Cells | Covers Child, Siblings, Parents, Grandparents

AED 23,000*

* * Inclusive of UAE VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cord Blood Stem Cells have high regenerative properties & the ability to transform into blood cells, brain cells, muscle cells, bone cells etc. Currently, they are used to treat 80+ life-threatening medical conditions.

By storing the precious cord blood of your baby, you can now protect not just baby but entire family including parents, siblings, maternal & paternal grandparents for a lifetime.

LifeCell uses premier cord blood processing technology-PrepaCyte-CB®. This technology allows extraction of a maximum number of stem cells and provides superior red blood cell depletion over all other methods. LifeCell is the only company in India to offer this unique technology to its customers.

Once the stem cells are tested & processed in our lab, LifeCell sends a preservation certificate to parents. An annual preservation status report with details of monthly temperature track record shared once every year.

You can register with LifeCell anytime before your expected delivery date. We suggest you enrol with us during your second or initial phase of the third trimester to avail an early-bird discount and other exciting offers.

Yet to make a decision on stem cell banking? Let our experts help you make the right decision. Book an appointment with us today: Request A Call Back

Umbilcal cord blood is the most popular source for banking. Cord blood banking is the extraction of stem cells from umbilcal cord.

Know more about stem cell banking benefits here.

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Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord Blood Is a Rich Source Of Stem Cells

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  • check iconProtects against 80+ disorders
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OneTime Plan
Ensure Your Child's Adulthood is Disease Free | 25 Year Storage
AED 12,990*
*Additional VAT of 5% as per MOF UAE
Lifetime Plan
Gift Your Child a Good Healthy Future | 75 Years Storage
AED 14,990*
*Additional VAT of 5% as per MOF UAE

What makes LifeCell trusted choice of 3 Lakh parents

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What Our Customers Say

Suman and Rahul

We have secured our child's future by preserving the stem cells with the Lifecell Community Banking Program

Poonam Singh

I have preserved my 2nd child's Umbilical cord blood with Lifecell Community Stem Cell Bank to safegaurd both my babies & family's future.

Why Choose LifeCell

LifeCell is India’s first and largest stem cell bank enjoying the trust of over 3 Lakh parents.
Highest Quality Guaranteed stem cell bank with endorsement and accreditation from AABB, WHO,GMP, NABL, CAP, US FDA registered.
LifeCell adopts for "Personalized Processing Proprietary technique" that offers "Highest Recovery Rate" of stem cells with a winning edge over other automated techniques.
LifeCell grants its clients a "Disaster relief" of US$30,000 and "Quality guarantee" of US$30,000.
India’s only Dual Site Facility at Chennai and Gurgaon, ensuring an additional layer of security