LifeCell - Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Banking in India

About Us

Our Story

Established in 2004, Regions' first & largest stem cell bank, enjoying the trust of over 200,000 parents who have banked their children's stem cells with the company. LifeCell was founded in technological collaboration with Cryo-Cell International – the world’s first private stem cell bank with over 25 years of experience. With state-of-the-art laboratories at Chennai & Gurgaon and a network spread over 200 service centers in the country & footprints in GCC countries, the company is the most accredited stem cell bank with certifications from national and international organizations for standards. LifeCell is also the only player in the industry providing comprehensive stem cell solutions including menstrual stem cell banking, R&D and point-of-care stem cell therapy for orthopedic and vascular specialties.
LifeCell has embarked on a journey to provide comprehensive diagnostic and preventive healthcare solutions for mother & baby to reduce the high disease burden and high mortality rate among newborns in the country.

Our vision

To become the world’s largest stem cell solutions provider with the largest repository of lifesaving stem cell assets and thereby contributing significantly to the ever-developing scope of transplant medicine
To minimize the high disease burden in India and ensuring that every baby born in this country is healthy by providing high quality diagnostic and preventive care services

Our mission

To maximize the possibilities of good health for the future generations of our country
Preserve the hope of a healthy future for children by delivering the potential of stem cells
To give every baby the right start to a healthy life through preventive diagnostic healthcare services

core values

LifeCell’s growth story is driven by convictions that adapt to the changing trends of best practices in business management.

Partner with the best in the world to access leading stem cell technologies and bring the best in class cellular therapies to India


Create a positive impact by providing sustainable healthcare solutions for women and children in the society


To provide a transformative experience for employees in their career paths, enabling them to realize their true potential


To conduct our operations in a responsible manner to uphold the business and deliver on our promises to our clients

Corporate Commitments

Our stakeholders are the primary focus at LifeCell. We value relationships greatly and therefore strive to ensure that every interaction people
and organizations have with LifeCell is of value.
These commitments have been instrumental in our growth and continue to serve as the foundation for our bigger aspirations.
Commitment to Customers
  • Our primary commitment is to serve our customers with pride for their decision to choose us as a partner in their future health.
Commitment to Employees
  • Recognize & reward performance and motivate employees to reach heights of success and satisfaction.
  • Maintain honesty, integrity and ethics in work culture both internal and external to the organization.
  • Make LifeCell as one of the most admired places to work for in the Life Sciences industry.
Commitment to Nation
  • To provide every Indian the opportunity of good health for the future.
  • To position India as the “Global Stem Cell Technology Hub”.
  • To contribute to the efforts taken in reducing high disease burden among infants in India
Commitment to Stakeholders
  • Set high performance standards and achieve desired financial results.
  • Ensure organization growth & expansion in all avenues in our business.
  • Achieve operational success through innovation, relentless efforts.

Financial Highlights - LifeCell 2016

A company’s health is reflected in its financials which in turn is a sign of the performance and strength of a company. In that regard, LifeCell’s financials speak for itself.
Here are a few of the salient highlights of our performances:
LifeCell individually generates Rs. 1,262 mn in stem cell banking revenues almost 50 percent of the revenue generated by the entire stem cell banking industry in total
LifeCell is by far the largest and most invested player dedicated to stem cell banking and therapies for preventive healthcare with balance sheet figures at Rs. 1,891 mn a 44 percent share of the entire stem cell banking industry.
LifeCell’s has invested Rs. 1,892 mn consisting of Rs. 1,566 mn or nearly 82 percent of own funds giving it complete autonomy and control over strategic decision making. LifeCell’s investment with its own funds account for nearly 1.5 times the own funds invested by the rest of the competition.
The company has a cash liquidity of Rs. 223 mn more than double the Rs. 94 mn liquidity held collectively by the rest of of the industry.

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